Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Remember when you used to sit and watch me play piano? I couldn't play much, and you said I was amazing. You had your life, and you loved somebody. I was grateful to watch you mark out your path and slowly take those steps away from where I was. I think I was a guardian spirit. Maybe that's what I thought.

And then, you two - I sat and watched you play piano. Remember that? You both told me you'd played for 10 years. I said you were pretty good. Your music made my head swell like a hot air balloon, and my heart would float up beneath it - resting, peaceful. From there, I could see my whole life, and I could understand it. I think you were kindred spirits, open souls.

And finally, my dear, you - I sat and watched you play piano; you play it rarely. The notes you touched spoke of a future - an uncertain, certainly beautiful life. I saw a road stretched out in front of me, and I felt hope - and love. Your music made my heart swell. I thought you were my guardian spirit.

But I was wrong. You are a real person with a warm, beating heart.

Written August 11, 2010.

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